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The Spectrum Show Open


Unwritten, a short docuseries directed and edited by Noa Iimura, and produced and distributed by Icon Media, depicts a series of stories of people across the world leading the best lives they possibly can with very limited resources. 


Through Noa’s journey we run across a pair of immigrants whose humility and hard work exceeds all physical boundaries, an artist who paints with screws, a clothing designer with a small shop and big dreams, and children survivng in India with no money, yet very big hearts.


The stories of these people, and millions like them, are unknown to the majority of us. They were unwritten until the camera immortalized them. Therefore, the concept that comes to mind is a lens that zooms into words that form the silhouettes of our characters. As we zoom past all the verbiage we capture the final word hiding from us: Unwritten.


This word represents the soul of our characters that, by the grace of filmmaking, now comes to life.

Designed and Animated by:

Nestor Tomaselli

Directed by:

Noa Immura

Production Agency:

Icon Media Agency


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