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This video has been deleted.

Music has the magical property to transport the user through countless timelines and spaces at once. This journey takes the shape of the sound, and its various changes in pitch. I want to interpret this idea in the form of synesthesia: visible rainbow waves of sound traveling at light speed and becoming Dig Infinity’s logo.

This will involve a combination of mixed media and photography to add a vintage feel to the graphic color and shape of the logo.

Designed and Animated by:

Nestor Tomaselli

Kaleidoscope FX by:

Desmond Du

Music by:

Pancho Tomaselli (Bass)

JB Eckl (Guitar)

Paul Rodriguez (Drums)






Dig Infinity's music being like a coordinated jam, I wanted to approach this project the same way. Although I started with a vision, I had no idea how to achieve it other than experimenting with elements that translated the idea of a musical jam to visuals without looking too processed. A palette of wildly blended oil colors became the main focus of my camera. After getting a series of shots, I looked for other objects around my room- a replica of Van Gogh's Starry Night and a tapestry of the Orion Nebula seemed to be like drum and bass needed to complete the trio.

Time flew by me as I mixed these in wildly varied combinations in After Effects until I had a sequence of flashing colors akin to the thought of traveling through the fabric of space-time. At one point in the process, my esteemed colleague and friend Desmond Du joined in to input his own kaleidoscopic effects seen before the logo comes into view, as if out of the blue a keyboardist appeared onto the stage to drop a cosmic synthesizer solo. The interstellar portal of sound was not only audible at this point, it had effectively become visual.