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#MAYDAY - Scion Earth

As Icon Media's lead Motion Designer, I was given the rare privilege to design & execute all animations surrounding Sion Earth's #Mayday 2020 campaign, aimed to bring together some of the world's biggest thought leaders, gurus, and celebrities to lead a guided mediation spanning worldwide. 

The graphics I put together were used as part of a 20-day campaign to amass a following big enough to meditate and thus uplift the Earth during the rough times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Icon Media's social campaign aided Sion in bringing in a total of 200,000+ total views to Mayday's livestream event, and 16,000+ followers to their Instagram page.

Some of the most noteworthy celebrities & leaders that took part in this event were: Mike Tyson & Tyson Ranch, Tony Robbins, Akon, Sadhguru, Michael Beckwith, and many, many more.

Designed and Animated by:

Nestor Tomaselli

Sion Earth Organization IG:

Sion Earth

Digital Production Agency:

Icon Media Agency



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