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Nestor Tomaselli

Motion Designer, Filmmaker, Story-Teller
As a visual artist, I show stories that explore the inner language of the human mind. My travels have seen colorful tropics, Incan ruins, rocky snow giants, and the screens of the world's biggest cities.
As a disciple of Film and Motion Media at SCAD, I achieved a milestone in my journey, translating my writings and drawings of a decade in motion into movies, animations, and new creations in between.
Combining the timeless crafts of other artists like Kubrick, Lovecraft, Huxley, Rafal Oblinski, Andreas Cellarius and the increasing development of new technology, I broadcast meaning to the watching audience so they too survive their journey.
Working with talented animators, filmmakers, and design daredevils harbors excitement for the future, and is the key to achieving this meta-goal.

Let's work together to give meaning to society.
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