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The root of all civilizations started at the sunrise of mankind, when the first stone men gazed at their star and realized they existed.

Brain Fluid is not just a studio, it is a project dedicated toward advancing human evolution via digital animation, and cinematic storytelling. Humanity’s first stories were frozen in the caves of time and the obelisks of Egypt, wherein our modern era etches glyphs and simplified archetypes onto every shirt, screen, and virtual space of society.

Communication has advanced to the point of reducing entire ideas to a single word or vector, but for the glyph to become timeless, it must relate to a myth. With this myths we recover the ancient secrets of the past, while uncovering the road ahead. We have been storytellers since our notion of time began, and it is here where the story of Brain Fluid begins.

Designed and Animated by:


Nestor Tomaselli

Fernando Yanes

Fanny Vicencio








Given that we made our main, stone-faced characters seen in the video out of 3D polygons, we wanted to add additional texture in order to give our statues a rougher, less processed feel.

This ended up in both me and another one of our animators, Fernando Yanes, to go scouting for rocks out in Stoney Point, Chatsworth CA. This arid backyard gave us a good diversity of smooth and rough stone textures to play with and add to our

Blender models in post.