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Don't you think cows have grown a bit bitter after all those years of alien abductions? As part of a retaliatory effort, the leader of the Earth's directorate, Bovinus Bhoomi sent a fleet of space-faring cows to eight different star systems in the year 4033, with the end goal of abducting alien cattle for 'research' purposes (there were numerous disasters and nuclear wars led by mankind in the preceding millennia that caused cows to mutate- anyways, long story.)

In this short animation, I took the liberty of concepting, designing and animating an idea that is absurd and fantastic in its final execution. The process book below further explains the details corresponding the animation's design, colors, and core concept.


SFX Credit: Charlie Duff



Further work upon this idea led me to develop the character of Jenkins the Cow, one of the brave space explorers sent by Bovinus Bhoomi into outer space. Below is a character rig of Jenkins, comprising of a full view of his elaborate space suit.

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