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This experimental short film was a project I undertook in collaboration with the creator and artist, JonRoss Maddox. Ever since he pitched the idea for his senior project in class, I knew I wanted to be a part of it, and apply my knowledge in After Effects to interpret his surreal and colorful vision as clearly as possible.


The results were incredible, with every frame being a collage of images that in turn form moving paintings. Each is a testament to JonRoss's unique style of saturated color and wild shapes, a special form of visual language that conveys feelings of aggression, despair, and liberation.

Directed, Edited, and Created By: JonRoss Maddox

Director Of Photography: Miles Nera

Gaffer: Andy Amores

Visual Effects & Compositing: Nestor Tomaselli

OurHomeFilms Production

With the use of colorful fluid from another dimension, JonRoss's eye, and our computers, we spent long ours into the night experimenting with various stock footage shot during production, manipulating it in ways that would fit the overall visual style and abstract narrative. The challenge was to achieve a cohesive interaction between all these elements, in order to make the viewer believe they are immersed in another dimension.

This 'color-morphosis' serves to bring out the inner emotions of the main characters, constantly changing, warping, and distorting with the beat of the soundtrack, which was also written and recorded by JonRoss and his band.

Seldom is one offered a prompt that is dependent on creative freedom for its artistic success. The genre and foundations of this project depended on experimentation, and so the effect on the audience translates to the same: a visual experiment of transient emotions that will open the viewer to their own inner being, the parallel reality that lies beneath the surface of normality. 



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