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This video has been deleted.

Lovers Go To Mars is a short sci-fi comedy directed by Keon Abbott and Nico Rinciari. The script takes two lovers behind the control board of a spaceship headed to Mars on its countdown for lift off.  All the while they are re-living the painful drama of their relationship and questioning the stupid reason as to why they’re still together in a terribly awkward situation.

Poster & Title Sequence Design & Animation by:

Nestor Tomaselli

Character Design by:

Fanny Vicencio




Music By:


Royalty Free Music [Drum&Bass] #63 - The Guardians


This absurdity of the script made me think about the irony prevalent in 1960’s-80’s retro-futurist posters, and how their dreamy visions of an exotic future on other planets turned into a false ideal.

The purpose of this sequence is to use the style as a way to interpert these cartoonish characters, and the humor behind their naivety.