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Luvsik Intro Titles

Luvsik Intro Titles

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Retro and campy, the titles for the short film Luvsik establish the backstory for the film's sci-fi technology through an employee training tape that seems like something pulled out of Huxley's Brave New World.


Like the novel, it was the intention to hide the ominous side effects (all mentioned at barely-readable disclaimer at the end) under a veil of flashy graphics that emanate nothing but pure love and joy.

It was interesting to go back in time and examine old TV commercials and disclaimers of the early 90's and re-do the visuals in today's technology; there is a renewed appreciation one gains for the aesthetic as not something that is outdated, but as a style that can serve a purpose to embolden the irony of any given narrative.

Designed and Animated by:

Nestor Tomaselli

Director / Editor:

Norman Bertolino