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Every artist has their style, and Madi Dangerously is unique in every sense of the word. Combining poetry, ancient symbolisms, and modern hip-hop, 'Who You Are' is a track from Madi Dangerously's album, 'Blu3bird,' where she explores the essence that binds every individual together. Every stanza digs deeper into the soul, hitting high emotions along the way.

Our team at Icon Media fell in love with this unique expression of artistry, and decided to include her track as part of our animated 'Artist Series' on Instagram and Facebook. It was challenging at first to come up with an effective visual match to match Madi's finely crafted speech, until we came to the conclusion that it was best to improvise our concept one stanza at a time- using the same method of creative improv Madi used to write her poetry.

Creative expression is at the center of this piece, with every graphic digging deeper into the viewer's mind, opening portals to find who they truly are. As lead Motion Designer and animator, this was a personal challenge with huge rewards in the end, both as per the final product, and the overwhelming positive reception by the audience- including Madi herself.

Designed and Animated by:

Nestor Tomaselli

Featured Artists:

Madi Dangerously


Anna Talhami

Renata Ribeiro

Production Agency:

Icon Media Agency


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