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February 2018 saw one of the most violent massacres in US history, when a student of Marjorey Stoneman high school in Parkland, Flordia opened fire on his fellow classmates, killing a total of 17.

According to The New York Times, the number sums up a total of 138 students that have become victims of the growing epidemic since the year 2013. While the availability of automatic weapons in the US surpasses that of many other countries, the debate on gun control alone will not solve the root cause of this national disorder: mental illness.

Along with gun control, the debate on the influence of psychotropic drugs on school shooters has always floated back to the surface along with every new tragedy, but quickly dismissed as a misplaced accusation. Several studies have linked these narcotics to adverse effects ranging from suicidal thoughts to episodes of manic rage. And it is no surprise- much of this information is listed on the back of a Prozac pill bottle.

There is overwhelming evidence out their pointing to a connection between the two, so why are we not talking about it? My infographic will go in to detail on the side effects of narcotics and their role in exacerbating the epidemic of school shootings rather than curing it.

Designed and Animated by: Nestor Tomaselli, Luke Hildreth

IG: nestortomaselli

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