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Following in the style of every MMORPG-inspired franchise, Sword Art Online uses a pseudo medieval / futuristic landscape to disguise the fabric of virtual illusion where gamers compete against each other for the best stats, loot, and ultimate experience.

However, deeper truths lie below the illusion after Kirito’s adventure has taken a series of unexpected turns to place him at the center of a VR experiment that defines the boundaries of the human soul.

Since the gaming interface of SAO has been a major element of the show’s graphics, I want to use the shapes and figures of such interface and combine them with digital + real world assets that interpret Kirito’s battle between good and evil in the underworld. Below is a breakdown of all the graphic elements that will be used to design these title cards for eventual animation.

Designed and Animated by:

Nestor Tomaselli

Project Creative Director:

Bill Bergen

Post Production Producer:

Tiffany Loving



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