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"The mission of the world science festival is to create and cultivate a general public that is informed by science, inspired by its wonder, convinced of its value, and prepared to engage with its implications for the future

Our title sequence is aimed at taking the viewer on a visual journey through the major branches of science by displaying the connections between the microscopic to the astronomic. This concept follows suite with the world science festival because it attempts to spark and cultivate interest in science and create an increase in understanding the world around us."

- Zach, Nestor, & Billy

Designed and Animated by:

Zach Herdman

Nestor Tomaselli

Billy Woods







To create an instant sense of immersion, we wanted to open a door into the Universe of the microscopic expressed through the rich detail of slow-motion. We filmed these live-action scenes with the purpose of re-creating the same sense of wonder found in decades worth of National Geographic and Discovery documentaries.

Shooting with a Sony FS5 provided exceptional clarity to our shots, and gave them the 'documentary feel' we were looking for.

As an observant in this experiment, I was personally amazed by how much can be gathered about life's elegant simplicity in the split second that a drop of water hits the Earth. 


As motion designers playing the role of scientists, we felt the need to conduct our own experiments. We ran several tests over a weekend trying out many ways of filming light and projected images through a prism. The idea that began to form in our heads upon experimenting was that of multiple realities taking place inside the refractive interior of the prism. The formal test of our hypothesis involved projecting our sequence on a clear plexi glass screen, and filming through the mirrored universe inside the prism.

The finished results appear as brief 'ghost glitches' on the 2D fabric of the sequence, as if the viewer were offered glimpses into a parallel Universe.